Dimaension X – Ugotllathath: The Sound of the End of the Universe

Format: Full-length
Year: 2008
Label: Self-released
Country: United States of America
Genre: Doom/Progressive Metal
Official Website

01. Aekeggugg B’iaarha Daevel 1st Bot-yak
02. Ca’lloshana Ephauabotho Leprosia Hal-bhle
03. Icakratl K’rudhilacho Stelamith
04. Dimaex Principae Nibothuat Oggaquggol
05. Otlogga Phoiquamat Necropoli Shothabo
06. Sthlzothok Ugglacyst Ugtatha Thaiarul
07. Yinthosth Bryson Yothugh
08. Zogng Atelathugub Atheigash Thigndalak
09. Clo-sub Leprosia De’eiggugorat
10. Egugotholl Thanatos Endhaur
11. Hianogloth Iquesthathort Magicxks Y’yuat Zholi
12. Nyugll-lalo Daevel Otho Phanina R’laquthallla

Download @ Internet Archive


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  1. This album is such a beast. Guitar drones mixed with extremely fast and precise percussion job makes this a real killer.

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