Necromanther – Glorificus Nex

Format: Full-length
Year: 2009
Label: Self-released
Country: Portugal
Genre: Black/Death Metal w/ Gothic/Industrial
Official Website

Chapter I
01. The Line Between Good and Evil
02. The Predator’s Vision
03. The Exit
04. The Communication
05. The Newind

Chapter II
06. The Castle of Seasons
07. The Predator’s Persecution
08. The Living Nightmare
09. The Lifeless Flower

Chapter III
10. The Doomed Land
11. The Predator’s Triumph
12. The Never Ending Hour
13. The Raven of Death
14. The Whore of Nocturnal Delights

Chapter IV
15. The Black and White Rainbow
16. The Predator’s Memories
17. The Serpent’s Poison
18. The Seashores of Time
19. The Tyrant’s Plague

Chapter V
20. The Exit (Glorificus Nex)

Download @ MediaFire


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