Nanowar of Steel – Made in Naples

Format: Full-length
Year: 2007
Label: Self-released
Country: Italy
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal/Hard Rock
Official Website

Disc 1

01. Grandfather, Tell Me a Story
02. He Man & Tricycles of Steel
03. King
04. Power of the Power of the Power (Of the Great Sword)
05. Number of the Bitch (Iron Maiden Remake-Cover)
06. Metal-La-La-La!
07. Odino & Valhalla
08. A Noble Purpose
09. Metal
10. Introducing the Band
11. Master of Pizza (Metallica Remake-Cover)

Disc 2

01. Tragic Beginning
02. T.K.D.Y.N.S. (To Kill the Dragon You Need a Sword) (Sergio Endrigo Remake-Cover)
03. Amazing Midding
04. Fight the Dragon (For the Village)
05. Happy Ending
06. Gaytorade
07. Christmas with Nanowar
08. Stormlord of Power (Live)
09. Radio Gay
10. Countrycycles of Steel
11. Poseur no Cry
12. More than True Metal of the Words
13. Power of the Power



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