D.I.V.A. (Д.И.В.А.) – Angel of Light (Ангел Света)

Format: Full-length
Year: 2008
Label: Irond Records
Country: Russia
Genre: Heavy/Power metal
Official Website

01. Intro
02. Ангел Света (Angel of Light)
03. Последняя Картина Мира (Last Picture of the World)
04. Слеза (The Tear)
05. Всадники (The Riders)
06. Свет И Тьма (Light and Darkness)
07. Лабиринт (The Labyrinth)
08. Спартак (Spartacus)
09. Бездна (The Abyss)


No Responses Yet to “D.I.V.A. (Д.И.В.А.) – Angel of Light (Ангел Света)”

  1. zdrocker Says:

    Some tracks are now missing from the given download link and I’d really check out the whole album. If anyone could link me to a full download it would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  2. LoL! Next time turn safe search ON 😉

  3. Found cover: http://www.irond.ru/covers/DIVAAngelSveta250.jpg

    BTW: googling “angel sveta” on google images was very educational!

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