Xe-None – Dance Inferno Resurrection

Format: EP
Year: 2009
Label: Self-released
Country: Russia
Genre: Industrial / Pop / Metalcore
Official Website

01. Eins Zwei Polizei (Mo-Do)
02. Moscow Never Sleeps (DJ Smash)
03. Set the World on Fire (E-Type)
04. Max don’t Have Sex with Your Ex (E-Rotic)
05. No Limit (2 Unlimited)
06. Doctor Jones (Aqua)
07. Narcotic/Live at Electrogorsk (Liquido/U96)

Download @ Deposit Files


No Responses Yet to “Xe-None – Dance Inferno Resurrection”

  1. everything about this is wrong, so very very wrong, yet its brilliantly easy to listen to! if you liked moscow by rammstein you will love this lot!

  2. For da lulz (not much value otherwise).

  3. Nick van veen Says:

    This is good stuff. I reccomend it.

  4. Something like that could be done only in Russia 😉

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