Können – Sangre y Acero

Format: Full-length
Year: 2009
Label: Self-released
Country: Argentina
Genre: Heavy Metal
Official Website

01. Maldecido
02. Poltergeist
03. Lluvia
04. Mr. Maximum
05. Können
06. Ruidos Molestos
07. Pictures of Home (Deep Purple Cover)
08. Ave Negra
09. Seres Humanos
10. Voy a Volver

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Download @ RapidShare


No Responses Yet to “Können – Sangre y Acero”

  1. Do not crop “voy a volever”, there is something at the end of the silence.

  2. Note the last track “Voy a Volver” has nothing but silence from the 7 minute mark all the way to 15:30, so those who want to should crop the silence out.

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