Zaraza – No Paradise to Lose

Format: Full-length
Year: 2003
Label: Total Zero
Country: Canada
Genre: Experimental/Industrial Funeral Doom
Official Website

01. Possessed by Skepticism
02. Nova Akropola (Laibach Cover)
03. Mark of the Infidel
04. Infliction
05. Planetary Re-Install
06. Znikad Donikad (Disappear to Nowhere)
07. Przeklinaj Smierc (Damn the Death)
08. Heart.ov.the.Goat

Download @ Internet Archive


No Responses Yet to “Zaraza – No Paradise to Lose”

  1. I like it all except that last song, which is very pointless if you ask me.

  2. Ahhh… ZARAZA! Weird mix of doom metal, industrial and progressive with unique atmosphere. Very heavy, very original, a must have for those who are bored with “normal” releases… Translation of polish nametracks: 6. dissappear to nowhere 7. damn the death Also check their first album:

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