Darkat – Remembrance of Nekalah’s Honor, the Cry of Fatherlands

Format: Full-length
Year: 2008
Label: Impaled Records
Country: Colombia
Genre: Industrialized/Noise/Dark Ambient Black metal
Official Website

01. Misanthrope Silhouette
02. Sorrowlands II
03. Volk
04. Fog Sobs
05. Darkat Arisen
06. Reflections Under Black Sun
07. Frozen Tears of Sorrow
08. Nemicu

Download @ Uploading


No Responses Yet to “Darkat – Remembrance of Nekalah’s Honor, the Cry of Fatherlands”

  1. Link no longer works.

  2. As you Should Know Darkat didnt born for being accepted by majority.

    I’ve made it to express some of the facts in this world an as a general achive in my path.

    Essentially the atmospheric/ambient style its a way to express that that could not be express in human lenguage. Thus just some (maybe neither) could understand it. An Acausal vibration.

  3. Holy crap! I’m no stranger to the whole bucket-in-the-basement production quality for black metal thing, but if there were an award for it, these guys should definitely get it.

  4. Musically Darkat is a very nice black metal band with a lot of atmosphere and cool songs. But I CANNOT recommend neither this band nor this album-download since the lyrical and political of the band is very right winged. Do NOT support any kind of NSBM!

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