Formaldehyde – God’s Will

Format: Full-length
Year: 2009
Label: Self-released
Country: Portugal
Genre: Death Metal
Official Website

01. Awake Your Enemy
02. Dark Notice
03. God’s Will
04. Primordial Question
05. The Slaughter
06. Red Line
07. Wall of Death

Download @ SendSpace


No Responses Yet to “Formaldehyde – God’s Will”

  1. devouredbymetal Says:

    does anybody know the release date ?

  2. thks for thumps up ppl 😀

  3. DropdeadFred Says:

    Makes my ears Bleed! Just the way I like it. Truly Unbelievable how much great Metal is coming out of Mother Russia!!!

  4. Grunts from hell and brutal riffing, Death Metal as I(!) like It, brutal, but not only thrashing the Instruments to pieces (or as a friend of mine uses to express: not only thrashing a half-dead swine against a garbage container). Definitely Thumbs Up!

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