Obiymy Doschu – Elehia

Format: Full-length
Year: 2009
Label: Self-released
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Acoustic Progressive Rock
Official Website

01. Pid Hmaramy
02. Mertve Derevo I Viter
03. Zorenko Moya
04. Yiyi Dushi Zivyali Kvity
05. Zhasayucha Osin
06. Zymova Elehia
07. Samotni Nochi
08. Dorohoyu Vichnosti



No Responses Yet to “Obiymy Doschu – Elehia”

  1. It’s music, but it’s also art. Great!

  2. So much melancholy in this album… And the string section adds a beautiful touch. I really like such kind of music.

  3. DropDeadFred Says:

    Warning!!! Warning!!! This link has A Trojan Virus and may be hazardous to your Machine!!!

  4. This is a great album. High quality. I have attached a link to a review I have done of the album.

  5. A great album ! If you like the soft moments in Opeth music, I recommand to hear. The lyrics in Ukrainian sound mysterious.
    If you scrobble your music with, I suggest you tag the tracks, the band name and the album title in cyrillic alphabet(see in their website).

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