Vivian Black – Princess of Darkness… …Against the Paradise

Format: Full-length
Year: 1999
Label: Xennon Records
Country: Argentina
Genre: Heavy/Black/Doom Metal
Official Website

01. Hell Can Always Wait
02. Christ in Black
03. Slaves of Lust
04. Lucifer’s Tears
05. Hellrising Crown
06. Devil or Angel
07. Love’s the Devil’s Mask
08. Going on My Way
09. Countess Bathory (Live) (Venom Cover)
10. 66 (Rex Deus Christi Morituri) (Bonus Track)



No Responses Yet to “Vivian Black – Princess of Darkness… …Against the Paradise”

  1. So yeah, the chick likes to sing baraechest on stage, but no way in hell she knows how to sing. Music is simple and primitive, I know high-school bands which know more than 3-4 riffs and can play faster than this. Avoid, until you’re collecting everything from the net.

  2. The individual track download links on the “Download” page all return a 404 error, unfortunately.

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