ЧУР (Chur) – Брате Вітре (Brother Wind) (Full-length)

Format: Full-length
Year: 2006
Label: Oskorei Music
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Folk Metal
Official Website

01. Брате вітре (Brother Wind)
02. Старець (Oldman)
03. Крук (The Raven)
04. Сура (The Sun)
05. Kуяба (Kuyaba) (Instrumental)
06. Карна (Karna – Sorrow of the Dead)
07. Три шляхи (Three Ways)
08. Весно красна (Spring the Wonderful)
09. Вербовая дощечка (The Pussy-Willow Board) (Ukrainian Traditional Song)
10. Богатирська сила (Power of Slavic Warriors) (Flowers Cover)
11. Гер Манеліг (Herr Mannelig) (Swedish Traditional Song)


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  1. revontuli Says:

    this is really good

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