V/A – Eulogy Recordings MP3 Sampler August 2009

Format: Best of/Compilation
Year: 2009
Label: Eulogy Recordings
Country: N/A
Genre: Metal
Official Website

01. Kids Like Us – Snitchblade
02. Creatures – I Lose
03. Living Hell – Sin of the World (Rough Track)
04. xTyrantx – Over the Influence
05. Rosaline – Culture Wars
06. Switchblade Killers – Friends & Lovers
07. Knock ’em Dead – Alone
08. Colin of Arabia – Slave Driver
09. Thick as Blood – Decimator
10. Kingdom – Broken Teeth
11. Doomsday – Feed the Fire
12. The Mongoloids – True Colors
13. Toetag – Kill or be Killed
14. Shattered Realm – Fight to Win
15. Years Spent Cold – Lifeless
16. Turmoil – Papercuts (Rough Track)
17. Furious Styles – Enemy of the World
18. Paddock Park – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
19. Rhinoceros – They are Comming for Me



No Responses Yet to “V/A – Eulogy Recordings MP3 Sampler August 2009”

  1. Switchblade Killers make me want to hack my balls off. Besides that, everything is pretty okay HxC, although Rosaline veers off into shitty screamo but whatever. The Furious Styles song makes up for all faults though, it makes me want to punch cops.

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