Organa – Alone and Thoughtful

Format: Demo
Year: 2009
Label: Self-released
Country: Italy
Genre: Folk/Viking Metal
Official Website

01. Lux Aeterna (Intro)
02. We Are Live in Chaos
03. A Weak Morning Fog
04. Alone and Thoughtful
05. The Right Way for the Force
06. He Lagging in the Snow
07. For the Divine War…
08. Knight, My Mind and My Passion
09. Snow, Rain, Hail
10. Reply Escape Impossible (Outro)



No Responses Yet to “Organa – Alone and Thoughtful”

  1. crap.. I’m now listening to the first song.. and he should quit grunting. Otherwise it would be okay…

  2. Vordreller Says:

    Not downloading this…

  3. revontuli Says:

    Another thumb down – it’s awful.

  4. 5 thumbs down in less than one day!? This must be really bad!

  5. Oh… my… god… LOL I really don’t have the words 😉

  6. Jokes like this should not be posted on this site. It damages the site’s credibility.

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