V/A – Brutal Love II – Rumores de Guerra

Format: Best of/Compilation
Year: 2009
Label: Brutal Warfare/Faith Hope Love
Country: N/A
Genre: Metal
Brutal Warfare Official Website/Faith Hope Love Official Website

01. Brutal Sacrifice – Bruxos de Gadara
02. Poems of Shadows – Thoughts of Insane in the Dark
03. Unlife – With Eyes Rolled Back Again
04. Justice for All – Saved from Hell
05. P37 – Judas
06. Ponto Nulo no Céu – Constante
07. Puritan – Quando o Sol se Converter em Trevas e a Lua em Sangue
08. Divine Symphony – Reform
09. Clamor – Últimos Dias
10. Wintersoul – Dawn of the Ice Hearts
11. dElohim – The Choice is Yours
12. God Fixation – Não há Mais
13. Buried Yesterday – Our Last Chance
14. Postura – Drug Free
15. Sangue Inocente – A Volta
16. Shadow of Mercy – Under Shadow
17. Honoris Causa – Withness the Birth of Fear

Download @ 4shared


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