Kalevala – The Cuckoo’s Children


Format: Full-length
Year: 2009
Label: Metalism Records
Country: Russia
Genre: Folk Metal
Official Website

01. Kalevala
02. The Cuckoo’s Children
03. Handfuls of Thawed Snow
04. Pussy Willows Cried
05. Kupala’s Night
06. By the Broken Bathtub of the Solitary Porch
07. Heady Lungwort’s White Fire
08. The Wind at the Back
09. The First Last Sunset
10. About the Stud (The Balls)
11. The Handbell (Ltd. Ed. Bonus Track)

Download @ Last.fm


7 Responses to “Kalevala – The Cuckoo’s Children”

    • But not that good either. Distinct heard-it-before feeling. Much worse for bands such as this than the average BM band, for example.

      • die-for-dethklok Says:

        better then jonas brothers, that is for sure!

        • ANYTHING is better than Jonas Brothers…:P
          But I will check the sound of Kalevala soon…

        • Who the fuck are jonas brothers?

          Honestly, I find this release quite enjoyable. Sure, they have that heard-it-before feeling but what else can you do in Folk!?

          • die-for-dethklok Says:

            for you question, the jonas brothers is a lame, unoriginal and really stupid boy-band that only exist because of the contrack by disney, any little kid likes them, but the hardcore metalheads (like you and me) or anybody who HAS taste in music, know that the songs are unoriginal and lame, few people call them a gay band!

          • Oh, but I never said it was unenjoyable. Even if I’d prefer a little more originality. Though I realize it’s a hard thing to accomplish – most if not all things have been done before.

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