Segor – The Everlasting Grace

Format: Full-length
Year: 2009
Label: Self-released
Country: Armenia
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Official Website

01. The Spirit of the Truth
02. Sweet Jesus
03. Alpha & Omega
04. The Word of Life
05. Show Your Mercy On us
06. The Deep Ocean of Peace
07. The Beauty in the Darkness
08. The Everlasting Grace
09. The Last Rain
10. The Love of God
11. The Lord is my Shepered
12. Celtic Prayer
13. Aria (J.S.Bach)
14. Ave Maria (Guitar-Violin)
15. Ave Maria (Revitar-Flute)
16. Ave Maria (Klavisin-Violin)
17. Ave Maria (Piano-Oboe)
18. Ave Maria (Klavisin-Choir)



4 Responses to “Segor – The Everlasting Grace”

  1. MetalHead Says:

    Link is dead.

  2. it’s not symphonic black metal!!!!!…….it’s acoustic/classic !!!!!!:))))))

  3. It won’t lemme download it =( I’m a huge fan of UnBlack Metal (Christain Black Metal)

  4. WebDevHobo Says:

    Odd for a black metal album to have such titles :p

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