Escape From – Opętani Okrucieństwem

Format: EP
Year: 2009
Label: Self-released
Country: Poland
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Official Website

01. Urodzona, by Byc Gwalcona
02. Oni
03. Krwawie
04. Sezon Koszmarów

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6 Responses to “Escape From – Opętani Okrucieństwem”

  1. arg the vocals are terrible

  2. Very intense and frantic (in a good way) but vocals are very bad and riffs are repetitive and very predictable.

  3. MetalHead Says:

    English titles:
    1.Born to be raped
    3.I’m bleeding
    4.Season of nightmares

  4. this band is awesome, seriously, just listen to the first one, youll get hooked!

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