V/A – Dirgenera – Compendium II

Format: Best of/Compilation
Year: 2009
Label: R.A.I.G. Accessory Takes
Country: N/A
Genre: Noise/Drone/Ambient/Black/Doom/Sludge/Stoner/Psyche Metal
Official Website

01. Igor Timchuk – Mourning for Father (Traditional)
02. Steny Lda – 057
03. Blackwater – Deffect of Fiction
04. El Hijo de la Aurora – Portal a Venus
05. Endname – Chaos and Madness
06. Tinah Maure – February Ink Lost Hope
07. Without God – Forgiveness Sunday
08. Vulturum – We Own the Stars
09. Mozergush – Pigs on the Run
10. Angakok – Porsinauleq
11. Igor Timchuk – Mourning for Sunrise (Traditional)
12. A Lifeless Polar Desert – Accruing Insanity (Live)
13. The Devil Bell Witch – Spanish Tomb



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