Lyriel – Autumntales

Format: Full-length
Year: 2006
Label: Black Bards Entertainment
Country: Germany
Genre: Folk Metal/Celtic Rock
Official Website

01. First Autumn Days
02. Surrender in Dance
03. Memoria
04. My Favourite Dream
05. Promised Land
06. Days of Yore
07. Fairyland
08. Autumntales
09. Wild Birds
10. Hijo de la Luna
11. Enchanted Moonlight
12. Regen
13. Last Autumn Days



8 Responses to “Lyriel – Autumntales”

  1. evangelyhn Says:

    hail jessica m/

  2. If it’s no longer avail for d/l, it shouldn’t be called a download of the week BUT called album of the week.

  3. die-for-dethklok Says:

    no longer available? aww, cmon!

  4. How can I lay my hands on this album?

  5. Wow, I like the female voice(s)! Exellent production, improved to the former album, which is very good too. You should play “Wacken 2010 :)”. Thumbs up!

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