Mary Shelley Overdrive – Learn Karate

Format: Best of/Compilation
Year: 2009
Label: Self-released
Country: United States of America
Genre: Post Punk / Horror Punk / Punk Rock
Official Website

01. I Heart Cthulu
02. Spider on the Ceiling
03. Dread Media Interview
04. The Siege and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein’s Castle at Weisseria
05. Birmingham Jail
06. Dinner with Drac
07. A Word from Our Sponsor
08. Dread Media Interview #2
09. The God in the Bowl
10. We Heart Music Interview #1
11. Pornstar 80 (Stardust Demo)
12. One Quarter, One Play (8-Bit Kill Screen Version)
13. The Tomb of Dracula
14. We Heart Music Interview #2
15. Zombie Apocalypse Blues
16. Murderworld USA
17. Charlie’s Angels (Live)
18. Jack the Ripper (Live)
19. Pornstar 80 (Live)
20. The Devil You Know (Live)
21. Not-So-Secret (Bonus Track)

Download @ RapidShare


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