Невидь (Nevid’) – Янтарное сердце Арктиды (Amber Heart of Arktida)

Format: Full-length
Year: 2009
Label: Metalism Records
Country: Russia
Genre: Pagan Metal
Official Website

01. Слепая Тундра (Blind Tundra)
02. Хохот Мертвого Шамана (Laughter of Dead Shaman)
03. Агхора (Aghora)
04. Танец с Саблями (Dance with Sabres)
05. Цепким Следом, Словно Стая… (By Strong Track like the Pack)
06. Пепел Наших Янтарных Сердец (Ash of Our Amber Hearts)
07. Пламенного Атамана Удел (A Lot of Flamy Ataman)
08. Даръя (Dar’ya)
09. Дарья (Dariya)
10. Окаянный Путь Поперек Взглядов (Cursed Path Across the Gazes)
11. Петля (Noose)
12. Умора (Funny One)
13. Порог Лихой Судьбы (Threshold of Hard Destiny)
14. Янтарные Сердца (Amber Hearts)
15. Янтарное Сердце Арктиды (Amber Heart of Arktida)
16. Слава Побед на Века! (Glory of Victories for Aeons!)

Download @ Last.fm


5 Responses to “Невидь (Nevid’) – Янтарное сердце Арктиды (Amber Heart of Arktida)”

  1. Yes, looks like Metalism removed the link (they always put these on their front page). However, Nevid’s first two albums are to be downloaded for free through ifolder.ru, the links can be found on the Nevid homepage through the “MP3/Video” button.

  2. dethster4life Says:

    link doesn’t work

  3. The download-link is from a other group!!! please go to MetalismRecords-Site for download this Album.

  4. Looks like the link is incorrect, but to another free album,”Stalwart – Annihilation Begins,” a progressive death album (sounds interesting, so I’ll give it a listen too). Here’s the link to Nevid’s album: http://metalism.net/MR/MP3/Nevid_-_The_Amber_Heart_of_Arktida.rar

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