Biopsyhoz (Биопсихоз) – X-Concert – Live Version

Format: Live album
Year: 2009
Label: Self-released
Country: Russia
Genre: Alternative/Cyber/Industrial
Official Website

01. Intro
02. Нас/Нет
03. Никто не…
04. Мать всего человечества
05. Схавай !?!
06. Люди на б-люди
07. Стадный инстинкт
08. Я твой … клоун
09. Давай (Part 1)
10. Давай (Part 2)
11. Будь со мной
12. Луну под кожу
13. Я вышел
14. Встань в позу
15. God Message
16. Злость
17. I.Z.O.



3 Responses to “Biopsyhoz (Биопсихоз) – X-Concert – Live Version”

  1. die-for-dethklok Says:


  2. P.S.: Some thoughts ’bout my favorite tracks:
    07. Stadniy Instinkt: the singing with the high “pitched” voice reminds a bit of “Toyah”, the whole atmosphere, after the slow start can compete with the Krupps (imo).
    10. Davay (part II): some passages, especially the guitar could be done by the “Sisters”
    13. Ya Vishel: The guitar is very “driving” …
    16. On Zlost: The “baby voice” is an interesting element in this one, in combination with the rest
    Again, I like your creative production

  3. I like the dark atmosphere created with the help of some electronic stuff. The combination of metal and dark electro elements is interesting to listen to. Very good sound for a free live recording. I like it …

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