Fluxo Oposto – CD Demo 2008

Format: Demo
Year: 2008
Label: Self-released
Country: Brazil
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
Official Website

01. Eu Preciso Disso
02. Não Me Deixe Só
03. Eles Cegam
04. O Guia
05. Quém Me Faz Bem
06. Auto Ego
07. Panico
08. Utupia
09. Veneno
10. Dani


3 Responses to “Fluxo Oposto – CD Demo 2008”

  1. Thank you for your fair answer. As I said before, I like your stuff here, except the singing sometimes ;). That’s as the voting this time shows a matter of taste. I’ll look forward to your forthcoming album and well, congrat’s to your voting statistics here. Well, I’m finally glad I commented on your work and I’m glad your “classic metal music” seems to be often downloaded and is totally liked by the other “metalheads” … Peace, and justice for all 😉 …

  2. Hi Buzztler, thanks for comment on our CD. When we did the CD (in a studio in the house) did not think we’d gotten this far as to be commented out of the country. With what we had we did our best, and from there (2007) until today have evolved as well. Soon we will launch a new album in a professional studio and also the attack on the issues raised by you. Thank you! Fluxo Oposto.

  3. Your music is quite o.k., but there is one somg, I don’t remember the number, sorry, when your singer is almost out of tune. Every “southcurve” in a soccer stadium sings better in this case. That’s really a pitty , ’cause the rest of your production isn’t that bad. Was it your intention to sing so loud out of tune?

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