Helangår – Evening in Valhalla

Format: Full-length
Year: 2003
Label: Self-released
Country: Germany
Genre: Epic Heavy/Power Metal
Official Website

01. Departing for Midgard
02. Ragnarøk
03. The First Sign
04. Baldrs Draumar
05. Proclaiming the End
06. Nida Mountains
07. Unavoidable Fate
08. The Sinner
09. Darkness in My Mind
10. Farewell Valhalla
11. Mother Earth
12. Numb with Cold
13. The Asens Death
14. Lament of Mankind
15. Nifelheim
16. Homage to the Beast
17. At The Battlefield
18. Angels of Death
19. Spring
20. The New World
21. And We Failed…

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6 Responses to “Helangår – Evening in Valhalla”

  1. zdrocker Says:

    Does anyone have an alternative link? This does not seem to be working anymore. Thanks.

  2. Great athmosphere!

  3. Not convincing, it lacks especially the power.

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