Kaagootaabaa – The Sensitivity Sessions

Country: Uknown
Genre: Anti-Music/Experimental/Noise/Power Electronics/D.I.Y Indie-Punk/Shitcore Extremism/Dance/Shit-Trip/Sloppy Creeper Rock

2-The Burger King Heist
3-The Hunger Sets In (Part 1)
4-Please, Murder Me And Make It Look Like A Suicide
5-Holler At Me, Baby
7-Upper Class Whores
8-Those Birds And The Chem Trail
9-All Over The Fuckin World
10-Nine Eleven Was A Friendcide Job (Sadface)
11-David Lynch Is Clever
12-Locks On Your Windows
13-Sex Song
15-Sterious Island Is A Good Movie
16-Change Is Good
17-I Sleep On The Floor
19-Dunk Pock
20-Through The Table
22-Miss, Will You Take A Shit On My….Hand
23-Take Everything
24-Dunk Pock Alt. Take
25-The Hunger Sets In (Part 2)
26-Cauliflower Ear
27-Drink, Fight, Fuck (GG Allin)
28-Fuck It (Rock And Roll)
30-Pissing Out Of My Ass
31-This Ones For My Dead Pets
32-They’ll Never Get Away With It
33-de! elt Ot!
34-Self Importance
35-Panty Raid
37-Slamming Whores Up Against Doors
38-GG! Where You Guys Fuckin Goin?
39-Fuck! It Didnt Break!
40-Snort Coke And Kill Everything
41-We’re The Children Of Skyrim
42-I Heard A Bomb
44-First Class
45-Cats Are From Egypt
46-I Walked All The Way There Just To Be Told To Leave

PART 2 (in zip)
1-Intro(Outer Space Freefall)
2-Its Alright
4-Rasin Satan (Grapist)
5-Shits Off
6-Its New Years Eve And I Dont Care
7-Taste The Pain
8-Saturday Night At The Duck Pond (The Cougars)
9-New York
10-Runnin On Fumes
11-New York (Part 2)
14-Buttered Side Down
15-How About Suck It
16-I Was A Teenage Gunslinger
17-I Smoke Too Much
18-Chompsky Honk
19-3:48 A.M.
22-Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
23-The Moscow Dream
24-Dreamworld (Dreamland)
25-Baaw Damn (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)
26-On The Other Side Of The Hill
27-Untitled Scary Track
28-Pissmas Eve Rock ft. Dr. Bad Touch on keys
29-Twenty Twelve (Fuck Off)
30-Talos Lives Today
31-Check Your Myspace
32-New York Part 3
33-Fuckin 200 B.C.
34-Mayans Were Gay
35-Talos Died Today
36-Stoned Man + Wild Thing

DOWNLOAD(direct link)

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