FMA Audio Show NO1

Pilot episode of FMA Audio Show

This is short some 20 min test episode of show i waned to make a while ago
and finally i did it. Basically i present bands and songs i like
to listen. My English is not that good, we did not had it in school so do not expect
fucking Howard Stern. It is not professional at all, not even close but what matter is
idea and freaking few hours i needed to record and edit this episode. I never used
sound forge that much in my entire life. Voice quality is shitty because i recorded it
on my cell phone than moved it on computer because i do not have mic.
Please put some comments bellow i want to see some alive people not just clicking download
Stay Heavy!



7 Responses to “FMA Audio Show NO1”

  1. For the sound edit, maybe the software Audacity is a better option?

  2. Thanks for your comment. Problem is that i do not have mic so i record voice with my old htc shadow… i needed two hours to record and edit damn thing 😀

    • I bought some time ago a usb mic from Rock Band PS3 game so cheap (~3€) and it works fine to record voices. Nothing professional, you know, but it works. Anyway, your voice understandable so I don’t complain about that bro 😀

  3. Good selection of music, yes sir! If you only improve your voice quality with a mic or something would be great.
    Something that I think a success is that you’re doing a short podcast, so people cannot get bored (I’ve a larger radio show and some people just can’t listen it for more than 20-30 minutes hahaha).
    So as I said, good job man. Keep rocking because I’ve been following you since I discovered your blog and I love it!

    Stay Heavy!

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