FMA Audio Show NO2

Second episode of FMA audio show.

Here comes the second episode of FMA audio show.  It is bit longer than previous one, few minutes longer to be precise. I think that i will keep this short format for my show in future. As last time i am presenting  4 songs and 4 interesting bands and i do little bit more talk (like 5 seconds more).
I dont really have anything much to say about it, you just need to listen damn thing.




2 Responses to “FMA Audio Show NO2”

  1. Nice show, man! Good selection of bands, I see you are a fan of djent, right?
    I also find Molecul amusing, despite the similarities between their vocalist and Fred Durst…
    I want to suggest some bands for the next show: Random Mullet, Cold Night For Alligators, Comity, Eschaton.

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