Rogue Summer Sampler

Country: Unknown
Genre: Various Artists

1.Humanity’s Last Breath – Animal
2.Bury the Silence – Architecture of Struggle
3.Synthetic Breed – Beyond The Sphere of Reason
4.Brutal Assault – Despised
5.In Trails – Drop the Mask
6.Synthetic Breed – Existence Mechanism
7.Bury The Silence – The Jealous Heart of a Weak Man
8.CARO – Lifeless Grey
9.B.F.I. – Stay Back
10.This City Ignites – Streets of Rage
11.Snovonne – Toys
12.In Trails – Virus of Humanity
13.Brutal Assault – Waking Revolution Demons
14.Goodthink – Alaskan Go-Fish
15.Outrun the Sunlight – Archetype
16.Goodthink – Elemental Regularity
17.Those City Lights – Filling in the Blanks
18.Scartographer – Godspeed
19.Outrun the Sunlight – Phyllotaxis Complete
20.Scartographer – Setiah


Special thanks to Ben Redman


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