FMA Audio Show No4

Free Metal Albums audio show now in 3D!!!

Obviously I’m kidding its 6D! For new listeners FMA audio show is project connected to the white raven blog and Free Metal Albums. I pick several songs that i find interesting and present them to you.
This time i tried different mic, to be precise mic in webcam and voice quality is better. Not great but much better. Even i can understand what Im saying..
Please feel free to comment, like-dislike what eva!



3 Responses to “FMA Audio Show No4”

  1. Dislike? I hate you people. KIDDING :D. It would be nice tho if you would say what is that you don’t like.

    • Well, I liked. I think you are improving.

      • I used better microphone, one from webcam. Still quality is not satisfying, even microphone is better than cam it self… Im awaiting headphones with mic, maybe will that be better than this.
        Also is is painful to speak English, i know English, i understand it but when i try to talk my brain twists.

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