Chris R – Cathleen (sponsored post)

Country: USA
Genre: Gothic/Darkwave/Alternative


1. Cathleen  pt1
2. Cathleen  pt2
3. Cathleen  pt3



7 Responses to “Chris R – Cathleen (sponsored post)”

  1. Looks like there’s a new music video for this . My mind is blown.

  2. Jessica Says:

    Holy shit this gives me a fucking orgasm!

  3. Sarah Smith Says:

    How can anyone thumbs down this masterpiece?? I hope they meant to thumbs up and just pressed the wrong button on accident. Seriously, I’ve been trying to get ahold of Chris R after hearing this but he’s no where to be found. He’s so mysterious. I want to tell him how much this album means to me.

  4. Orlando Brontëz Says:

    This album kicks ASS. Truly a defining moment in the history of underground gothic/darkwave movment. If i was a young whipper snapper like i was in the 80s and this came out itd be playing in my tape deck. Good work dude.

  5. I can’t believe he’s only charging 4.98! Had this been released 20 years ago it’d sell like crazy!

  6. This is so fucking amazing!!

  7. Best album ever posted on this site! I’m buying this!

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